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Wellness-focused businesses must create a culture of responsible communication and develop safeguards to ensure the least amount of regulatory scrutiny and risk of civil litigation.

BinWell Group creates internal practices and external strategies to limit your business risks. 

We devise communications plans, staff trainings, review marketing, and customer/patient interactions and advertisements to limit risk exposure to the numerous federal and state regulatory agencies that now oversee the wellness & cannabis industry. 

Risk Management

Wellness businesses are disrupters in the marketplace.  These new companies often upend century-old legal, business, and cultural norms.    

The opposition to the industry's success will come from many directions, driven by a need to retain market dominance and institutional authority.
Competing commercial, professional, 

and governmental entities will employ a myriad of tactics that are designed to stifle competition from emerging wellness economies. 

BinWell Group provides industry-leading risk management and communications consulting to reduce your risk profile and empower your business to succeed.  

Industries Served

  • Wellness Practitioners and Businesses 

  • Dietary and Herbal Supplements

  • Cannabis & CBD 

  • Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing 

BinWell Group

BinWell Group brings the knowledge and experience of not just the CEO and Founder but an access network of leading minds in the wellness world.   

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